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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Mermaid Tail Nail Art Tutorial

Jello loves!

Almost all of us went thru a phase during our childhood where we wished we were mermaids and merrily frolic under the ocean without having to come up for air (or is it just me? heh...) Anyway here is the easiest way to unleash your inner mermaid without the danger of drowning and smelling like fish. ;)

Supplies used:
  • Makeup sponge
  • Toothpick (cheap alternative for a dotting tool)
  • Wish in Baby Blue
  • Sassy in Ocean Blue
  • Meiya in 01
  • Bobbie in The Big Bang
  • Caress in Blue Hawaii

  1. Apply a light colored nail polish (I used Wish in Baby Blue) as base and wait for it to dry first before you start the next step. Patience is not my virtue, so I usually end up doing the next step the day after. :P
  2. The next step uses the sponging technique which is relatively easy to do. Dip the tip of the sponge on the lightest glitter polish (I used Sassy's Ocean Blue) you have and dab it on half of the surface of your nail. Then dip the other end of the sponge on a darker shade of nail polish (I used Meiya in 01)and dab it on a quarter of the surface of your nail.
  3. Top it with your glittered colorless polish (The coarser the glitter, the better. Anyway, I used Bobbie in The Big Bang) of choice and (ugh, again...) wait for it to dry.
  4. To attain a scaly texture, use your dotting tool (or in my case a toothpick) and start making  miniature curves across the tip of your nails. Then add another set of curves on top of the junctures to achieve a layered impression. Repeat until you cover the whole nail with curves. Finish your look with topcoat and you are ready to conquer the sea (or if you're like me who can't swim for Pete's sake, just waddle on shore to be safe)!

Don't hesitate to try this technique with different colors,
it might end up looking better that you imagined.

So anyway hope you guys found this helpful 
and don't hesitate to ask, comment, or request down below. 

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