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Sunday, September 08, 2013

Mirthful September

I love September! It's the beginning of my very own absurd season long advent calendar, with birthday celebrations piling on my planner, book release from favorite authors, family trips, and of course new seasons for:
  • Big Bang theory (S07), 
  • How I Met Your Mother (S09), 
  • and Family Guy (S12). 
The -BER season is now here along with the chilly weather which is very welcome, since it means I could wear my sweaters more often now. This also means that the year 2013 is nearly over and holiday feasts are about to commence! Prepare your fat gurrrl pants (or if you prefer death traps exercise routines) because colossal amounts of calories are coming!!!

Anyway while I was sifting through my files, I have unearthed a couple of tutorials and recipes that I made months ago but unfortunately forgot to upload. So hold on tight, because they are coming for you! Enjoy September! :*

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