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Thursday, July 17, 2014

School is Cool

Hey, dolls! Guess who's back once again? So after months of intense procrastination, I have finally decided to give blogging another go. 
A lot has happened since my last post, and by a lot, I mean A LOT! I am now in a city that I had no freaking idea I would end up in and currently working through tremendous changes in my long term plans. 
Last year, I was working on a Masters degree that wasn't really my cup of tea. Now, I have finally gotten myself into something I have always loved. Law school. Well not really law school per se, but the study of law. Law has always fascinated me. I have always enjoyed being right. Who doesn't?
Anyway, getting into one of the top universities in my country is just another plus. 
When I took up the law school entrance exam for The University of San Carlos, It was just to appease my parents. I wasn't expecting to get a good result, but God works in mysterious ways and I would like to believe that this is the path he wants me to walk.
I have so much to share with you guys. I hope you stay around to listen to all the crap that's marinating in my head.
Anyway, gotta get back to digesting cases. Talk to you tomorrow and have a pleasant day ahead.



Thursday, December 05, 2013

Lately according to my phone, I'm back obsessively painting my nails over & over again, enjoyed my last few dates with Dave before he left for Cebu, playing too much poker, hoarding art stuffs for my DIYs (blogging about this very soon), got hooked with 1D, started using my fav moleskine journal, been on our annual family trip (blogging about this too), and lastly I finally got my fav watch! :D

How about you loves? How have you been recently?

Friday, November 29, 2013

Feeling Foodie Friday: Chicken Penne

Jello loves! (I was going thru my drafts and saw this, it's been stewing there since September. I kept on missing Friday and ended up forgetting to post this. I am utterly bored with my life right now, need to do something else other than lurk on online shops. So blogging it is.

Here's a new portion of my blog called "Feeling Foodie Friday" where I pretend to be a food blogger and post highfalutin recipes on Fridays. Anyway, my first recipe is a recipe (that I found on the first page of google) which I altered since I'm cool like that... actually no, I just didn't find all the ingredients in our local grocery store. So let's get on with it!

  • 2 cans of meat and mushroom tomato sauce
  • 3 pieces of tomatoes (chopped)
  • 3 cloves of garlic (minced)
  • 1 onion bulb (minced)
  • 3 tablespoons of butter
  • 1 small carton of all purpose cream
  • 1/2 pound of shredded chicken
  • 3/4 kilo of penne pasta

First, boil/steam the chicken until it's cooked. While waiting for the chicken to finish, cook the pasta in boiling water with salt. To make sure that my pasta was "al dente" (fancy way of saying that your pasta is firm but not undercooked) I fished one out with a spoon and poked it with my finger (yes I know, unsanitary eww haha #rebel).

After boiling/steaming your chicken, set aside two small bowls of chicken broth for the pasta sauce.

Saute garlic, onion, and tomato in butter on the skillet for 3 mins. Stir in the tomato sauce and cream. Then add the chicken broth and cook on high for about 4 mins or until sauce is slightly reduced. Add the chicken; and finally salt and pepper to taste. Mix the sauce with the pasta and top it off with lotsa cheese! Bitches love cheese. Hahaha I kid. 

So here is the final product, sorry it looks pretty unappetizing. It's the lighting, I swear! It tasted so freaking good everybody actually had more than 1 serving. (bragging rights right here oh yeah)

Did you enjoy this post? Comment below if you wanna try this out. Anyway, see you on my future blog posts soon.
Peace out, girl scout!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Manic October

Lovely day gorgeous readers! I know I have been pretty MIA lately, but I have a really convincing reason this time. I finally got a decent job, but juggling it along with my lethargic lifestyle and well... I guess school work is taking a toll on me. Here comes the "I love my work, but..." pathetic lamentation.  

I actually do like my job (even if it's boring as hell and is constantly triggering my migraine) and my boss is as chill as a pill. There's just one little bitch I mean hitch, I have this coworker who is driving me bonkers! I just want to punch her in the throat for being so cocky and thinking that she could get away with exploiting her coworkers (namely me). I'm trying really hard not to be the girl who gets off by being a caustic bitch towards other girls. I mean, before that she-devil came into my life I was as cool as a cucumber! I was enjoying a mellow life without feeling any hostility towards the general population of society (except for that rude saleslady at the grocery store). However, I have no other choice but to suck it up and try really hard not to mutilate her with my bare hands.

On a lighter note, HALLOWEEN IS SO FUCKING CLOSE! I love halloween with passion and those discounted chocolates and candies after the celebration (don't judge me!). Watching horror reruns on television used to be my favorite past time, fortunately or unfortunately (however you wanna see your glass of water) I've been avoiding the television like a plague for almost 3 years now. No, I'm not acting like a self-righteous asshole who thinks watching too much TV is bad (even if it is). As a matter of fact I have no logical explanation why I'm acting this way, seeing that I have turned into a warmonger who is fanatical about football (GO SAINTS!).

Anyway, I was thinking that a halloween themed DIY would be a great way to celebrate my favorite holiday. So you guys better keep on checking my blog for it (no pressure there). Enjoy your semestral break guys coz in a blink of an eye it will be over, you wont even notice it. Though, if you're like me who lives a very boring and monotonous life, worry not because we wont even feel any difference. Cheers!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Mermaid Tail Nail Art Tutorial

Jello loves!

Almost all of us went thru a phase during our childhood where we wished we were mermaids and merrily frolic under the ocean without having to come up for air (or is it just me? heh...) Anyway here is the easiest way to unleash your inner mermaid without the danger of drowning and smelling like fish. ;)

Supplies used:
  • Makeup sponge
  • Toothpick (cheap alternative for a dotting tool)
  • Wish in Baby Blue
  • Sassy in Ocean Blue
  • Meiya in 01
  • Bobbie in The Big Bang
  • Caress in Blue Hawaii

  1. Apply a light colored nail polish (I used Wish in Baby Blue) as base and wait for it to dry first before you start the next step. Patience is not my virtue, so I usually end up doing the next step the day after. :P
  2. The next step uses the sponging technique which is relatively easy to do. Dip the tip of the sponge on the lightest glitter polish (I used Sassy's Ocean Blue) you have and dab it on half of the surface of your nail. Then dip the other end of the sponge on a darker shade of nail polish (I used Meiya in 01)and dab it on a quarter of the surface of your nail.
  3. Top it with your glittered colorless polish (The coarser the glitter, the better. Anyway, I used Bobbie in The Big Bang) of choice and (ugh, again...) wait for it to dry.
  4. To attain a scaly texture, use your dotting tool (or in my case a toothpick) and start making  miniature curves across the tip of your nails. Then add another set of curves on top of the junctures to achieve a layered impression. Repeat until you cover the whole nail with curves. Finish your look with topcoat and you are ready to conquer the sea (or if you're like me who can't swim for Pete's sake, just waddle on shore to be safe)!

Don't hesitate to try this technique with different colors,
it might end up looking better that you imagined.

So anyway hope you guys found this helpful 
and don't hesitate to ask, comment, or request down below. 

Sunday, September 08, 2013

Mirthful September

I love September! It's the beginning of my very own absurd season long advent calendar, with birthday celebrations piling on my planner, book release from favorite authors, family trips, and of course new seasons for:
  • Big Bang theory (S07), 
  • How I Met Your Mother (S09), 
  • and Family Guy (S12). 
The -BER season is now here along with the chilly weather which is very welcome, since it means I could wear my sweaters more often now. This also means that the year 2013 is nearly over and holiday feasts are about to commence! Prepare your fat gurrrl pants (or if you prefer death traps exercise routines) because colossal amounts of calories are coming!!!

Anyway while I was sifting through my files, I have unearthed a couple of tutorials and recipes that I made months ago but unfortunately forgot to upload. So hold on tight, because they are coming for you! Enjoy September! :*

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Lately according to my phone, I've been cuddling the coziest comforter, honing my green thumb while taking up my masters degree, obsessing with my homemade mashed potatoes, and totes in love with my soccer jersey and cat eye sunnies. Nothing out of the ordinary really. How bout you guys, care to share? :)

*this could be a weekly thing from now on ;)