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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Manic October

Lovely day gorgeous readers! I know I have been pretty MIA lately, but I have a really convincing reason this time. I finally got a decent job, but juggling it along with my lethargic lifestyle and well... I guess school work is taking a toll on me. Here comes the "I love my work, but..." pathetic lamentation.  

I actually do like my job (even if it's boring as hell and is constantly triggering my migraine) and my boss is as chill as a pill. There's just one little bitch I mean hitch, I have this coworker who is driving me bonkers! I just want to punch her in the throat for being so cocky and thinking that she could get away with exploiting her coworkers (namely me). I'm trying really hard not to be the girl who gets off by being a caustic bitch towards other girls. I mean, before that she-devil came into my life I was as cool as a cucumber! I was enjoying a mellow life without feeling any hostility towards the general population of society (except for that rude saleslady at the grocery store). However, I have no other choice but to suck it up and try really hard not to mutilate her with my bare hands.

On a lighter note, HALLOWEEN IS SO FUCKING CLOSE! I love halloween with passion and those discounted chocolates and candies after the celebration (don't judge me!). Watching horror reruns on television used to be my favorite past time, fortunately or unfortunately (however you wanna see your glass of water) I've been avoiding the television like a plague for almost 3 years now. No, I'm not acting like a self-righteous asshole who thinks watching too much TV is bad (even if it is). As a matter of fact I have no logical explanation why I'm acting this way, seeing that I have turned into a warmonger who is fanatical about football (GO SAINTS!).

Anyway, I was thinking that a halloween themed DIY would be a great way to celebrate my favorite holiday. So you guys better keep on checking my blog for it (no pressure there). Enjoy your semestral break guys coz in a blink of an eye it will be over, you wont even notice it. Though, if you're like me who lives a very boring and monotonous life, worry not because we wont even feel any difference. Cheers!

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