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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Beach Bumming with the Troop

All I wanted to do yesterday was to wallow in misery since 
a.) I didn't do my SOCIO 223 papers
b.) I was way behind my job and getting fired is not an option
c.) Woke up in the middle of a muthafuckin blackout
and last but not the least; 
d.) I woke up really late, ergo I was absent.

See how good I am at managing my time? It's because I lack motivation... well that's what I keep on telling myself, which I know is a big fat lie. The truth is, I am just lazy. Not the "I'll do this later lazy", but the "Maybe if I keep on ignoring it, it will do itself lazy". 

I was in a very foul mood when I woke up. So when Dave called to tell me that they were going on a trip to the beach and that I was invited, I immediately said no which led to a heated conversation (coz Dave just can't keep his trap shut). Well long story short, Dave finally convinced me to tag along.

We went to the local beach near the city. It isn't anywhere near fancy, but it has its own appeal. Every time I get to visit this beach, I wait for twilight and just paddle in the water idly while facing the cottages. The view is just stunning! It makes me feel like as if I was inside in one of my books.

I wanted to get some work done, therefore swimming wasn't really in my agenda. I didn't bring any extra clothes and boy, was I so wrong... I ended up using Dave's clothes and please don't ask me about my undergarments. 

Anyway, here are some of the photos from yesterday...

sniff... sniff...

apoy sa dagat
lookin' classy here i dare say
A disturbing photo of dave
I am surrounded with very gullible people. Might as well take advantage. Hahaha

Egotistic photos of me...

Now, that was how I spent my day. Spontaneous trips are just the bomb.
Tell me about yours!

*edit* forgot to add this, hahaha the boys roughhousing.

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